Shipping Policy

Please keep in mind that the shipping policies listed below are subject to the Walason’s sales terms and conditions. If there is a conflict between the two, the sales term will take precedence.


Since formally founding Walasons in 2007 and taking it to new heights, the company has been a pioneer in the diamond sector, storing the world’s best natural diamonds.

Walasons is a Hong Kong-based company that provides services globally. To make you feel special, we pledge to pack your order with care. We will carefully package and deliver your ordered jewelry in an exclusive jewelry box. Please check the pin code on the checkout page of your shopping cart. This will tell you whether or not we deliver to your location.

If there isn’t a reliable courier service in your area, please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.

Our passion and dedication to our services have been a driving force behind our success, and we are happy to deliver the jewel of your life to your doorstep using our convenient and well-known shipping services.

We ship from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR)

Walasons is a pioneer in making shipping simple, and we expect you to endure with us for a while. Our exceptional shipping services have been a tremendous source of convenience for our clients and customers, and we take pride in them. We handle the packing, distribution, and shipping from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), China’s top economic and financial center.

We have a set of financial and shipping guidelines that we require our customers to read carefully to know what they may receive and at what time.

Furthermore, due to our placement in the center of China’s central business district, we provide excellence and promptness in all of our products and services.

We ship globally

Every good we ship out is guaranteed to arrive safely and securely. Your order will be completely insured and delivered to you. We provide our customers with delivery advantages throughout globally because we ship from globally.

All that is required is to verify the pin code in your cart, which should be done without fail to determine the delivery status or whether or not delivery is likely to occur at your location.

The delivery service is eligible to the Walason’s delivery service provider. If you may have any delivery queries, please get in touch with us on our customer care, or you may track your order to be aware of the latest updates. Even though we ship throughout globally, we recommend that you check the locational status of your order.

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with tracking information. Please go to the courier’s website and search for your package using the tracking number. Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to track the progress of your package until the day you receive your tracking number.

With our great shipping services, we have made every delivery successful and every customer and client pleased.

We process the order within 3 to 4 business days, subject to product availability.

Walasons presently ships to addresses globally and the normal order processing time is 3 to 4 working days. This time frame of 3-4 days is contingent on the product’s availability. If the product is easily available to us, we will process it as soon as possible.

However, if the product or service you require exceeds our availability criteria, we will ask for your patience and cooperation to complete your purchase through some exceptional sources, which will also provide rapid shipping services.

Please be patient with us and allow us ample time to process your requests.

If your ordered product is not in stock, it will take 15-21 days to process your order.

We prioritize the comfort and convenience of our customers and clients, and we’ve developed the best shipping services and policies to meet their high standards of excellence and promptness.

Apart from the regular order processing period of 3-4 days, there may be times when your desired product is not available with us, in which case we will contact some external sources to process and deliver your purchase. This could happen if the goods you ordered are not in stock, and we need to go all the way to specific suppliers. Due to the non-availability of the product, such an order would take 15-21 days to complete.

We ask that you stick to our dependable and dedicated services and give us enough time to figure out your orders, their delicacy, packaging, and timely delivery. We expect cooperation and prompt payments from our customers, and in return, we provide the highest quality of service.

For any assistance with regards to your order shipping, please email us at info@walasons.com.

International Delivery not Available

We deeply regret to inform our customers that we don’t offer international deliveries. Since our business activities are centered in Hong Kong SAR, and we ship across Hong Kong only, we don’t offer international deliveries.

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused in the normal course of action. We currently have kept our service domain active within Hong Kong. We haven’t planned any foreign shipments or deliveries yet, but we vow to contact our overseas customers and clients as soon as feasible.

Our orders are delivered via courier service, which varies depending on the location, and must be signed for. Before signing or obtaining the receipt, we strongly advise all of our customers to inspect their products for damage or tampering.

We charge the bare minimum for shipping regardless of the quantity of items in the shipment, and the cost varies depending on the location’s reachability. We kindly request our customers to be patient and let the order be processed and delivered to you in the normal course of business.

For any assistance with regards to your order shipping, please email us at sales@walasons.com.

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