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Walasons Ltd., formally established in Hong Kong in Year 2007 under the leadership of Mr Paresh Bapu. Walasons headquartered in Hong Kong is the Asia’s leading supplier of white natural polished diamond. Walasons Limited is so geared to customer satisfaction that it has operation across the world. It has diamond manufacturing unit in Surat ( India ) since 1992 & Jewelry manufacturing unit in Shenzhen ( China ), It is providing quality diamonds utilizing state of the art equipment. It’s wide operations enables it to cater to the clients demands, providing them Just-In-Time service and also customized jewelry manufacturing.


Business management in the new age indispensably requires fairness, accountability, transparency and responsibility towards all related parties to ensure business efficiency, secure competitiveness and leadership in the world of information technology.


Walasons Limited is committed to produce high quality wholesome products the meet the customer’s expectation. Each individual at every level will be quality conscious and responsible for product’s quality.


Walasons Limited has made it a goal to listen to customer desire and design innovation products that produce sense of luxury and complete satisfaction. World class fashion-quick, reliable sustained and professional. On time delivery and wide range to select.


We provide exclusive diamonds Jewelry for our client’s theme or concept-based collections ,such as the Solitaire and Party collections. These were developed with an eye on market trends and evolving fashion environment among the target segment in that market.

Our expertise and technology enables us to manufacture customized jewelry such as per client’s specifications


Our integrated, Software-enabled interlinking across factories, offices and markets, enables us to track inventory, process times and imminent client demand. This gives us the ability to deliver orders precisely on time – as defined by our client’s previous order history with us.


We also provide diamond advisory to our customers regarding the efficient use of diamonds in their jewelry. Clients are advised on the type of diamonds that would be ideal for particular design and whether they are available at that particular time or in near future.


This service is provided to clients in the unlikely event that a product requires repair or restoration.


Mr. Paresh Bapu co-ordinates the company’s efficient global distribution network in the capacity of Director. Mr. Paresh Bapu’s focus is to constantly strive towards providing our customers and partners with better service, international quality and competitive prices.

Walasons Limited serve the customers across the Asia ( including strong bases in Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Indonesia ), Middle East, Europe & USA and willing to serve the maximum part of world in terms of quality & competitive prices.

Our expertise and technology enables us to manufacture customized jewelry such as per client’s specifications


I am delighted that Walasons’s continues to be a leader in supplying of loose polished diamond. We aim to maintain that leadership position by continually improving our service to customers, playing a responsible role in our local communities, valuing colleagues and dealing fairly with suppliers. These aims reflect Walason’s tradition of responsibility. One area I’d like to highlight is the dedication of our employees. They have delivered an outstanding performance during a turbulent period, a sign of their commitment to Walasons Limited.
This is a time of unparalleled complexity which we believe calls for unusual clarity and vision. Consumers are leading the way with their awareness of the possibilities they have and want to exercise. They are creating the demand for innovation and change in the products and services they buy. And that is creating a new sense of responsiveness and anticipation in the business those companies rely upon. We are not only ready for that challenge, we welcome it and believe we can prosper all the more in those conditions. We meet all of the complexity with clarity and simplicity.

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Paresh BAPU

Director, Walasons Limited
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